"I taste the good and bad in you and want them both."

Anita Ofokansi, Literary Sexts

We’re not alternative; we’re just drawn that way.


Q: What are somethings you do that are not about BDSM? I’m interested as to what your regular relationship is? (via Black BDSM ask)
A: Well, BDSM is a regular aspect of our life together. It’s less like we do kink in addition to our relationship and more like we are kinky together, if that makes sense. BDSM is only a convenient label to describe our shared energy and interests, the same way some couples describe themselves as adrenaline junkies or travel bugs. All the little things that would go into planning a rock climbing trip, such as training, maintaining gear, and spotting ideal locations in magazines, are habits and inclinations seamlessly woven into a person’s life. So it goes with our kink and even being queer. We don’t live in discreet chunks that are regular things, kinky things, and queer things. We just live.

The only time BDSM feels not regular is when we go to events because those feel staged, like the difference between being a cellist and being in an orchestra. Most of the time, my sub and I are just musicians riffing off each other’s crooked little tunes.

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You might be black and kinky if…


Hair bondage means tying you down so I can pick your afro.

Just wanted to say thanks for the anons some of you sent. Amid the fuckery—which is why I usually keep anon off—were some good questions. In fact, I’m going to use a few of them for my Q&A since I’m a bit short on questions for that. I didn’t even know I’d need help; yet, there it was.

I’ll begin answering questions tomorrow. Thanks, peeps.

Mistress Kiana & Mistress Jane

Mistress Kiana & Mistress Jane

Nyomi Banxxx | Photo by Rick Dones

Nyomi Banxxx | 
Photo by Rick Dones


topless… Wednesday… I guess

photo cred: Lh000000000

Jesse Flanagan Photography

Jesse Flanagan Photography


Jiz Lee and I during a photo shoot by Carrie Gray (owner of Aslan Leather in Toronto)

"Gender Queer Stars in action!"


Woof Woof


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